The Milk myth debunked

When it comes to the milk industry it`s not always like it seems to be. Our children learn at school that you’re getting strong bones from drinking milk, while a study done by Harvard scientists has shown that countries with higher milk and dairy consumption has a higher precentage of hip fractures which in turn is often linked to the bone disease Osteoporosis.



As the chart shoves countries with higher intake of calcium often tend to have more cases of hip fractures. However don`t get me wrong on this. It is not the calsium that is the problem but where we get the calsium  from. Milk!  One of the primary reasons for milk creating weaker bones is because it contains animalproteins, that triggers an acid like condition in the body called  metabolic acidosis. To combat this condition, the body draw upon it`s most redly available acid buffer in our body. Mainly the calsium in our bones. As the calsium is extracted to neutralise the acid, our bones are weakened.

However The milk and dairy industry, The American Dietetic association, The National Osteoporosis association, The National Cancer association and The National heart association all comes with the same message. That we should consume dairy products with low-fat percentage. But what happens when we extract the fat from dairyproducts is that the animalproteins constitutes for a higher amount in the product.                                               When we compare higher in protein and lower in fat products with prostate cancer in men, we see that the connection is as strong that cigars is for lung cancer.

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